(A)   Application required.
      (1)   Water will be furnished, or service connection made, upon written application by the property owner, tenant, consumer or agent thereof on a form furnished by the city for the purpose, and after approval of such application by the city.
      (2)   Where a water connection has been previously installed and water is desired, a proper application shall be signed by the owner, tenant, consumer or agent.
   (B)   New application upon change in ownership or tenancy. A new application must be made and approved by the city’s Water Department upon any change in ownership of the property when the owner is the customer, upon any change in tenancy where the tenant is the consumer or upon any change in the service, as described in the application. The city may, with five days’ notice, shut off the service pending an application.
   (C)   Renewal of service. Service will be renewed under a proper application when the conditions under which such service was discontinued are corrected and upon the payment of all charges provided in the schedule of rates or tariff of the city, including the turn-on charge and all bills for labor, supplies and permits required in shutting off and turning on the water.
   (D)   Deposit required. A deposit of $50 to be applied against unpaid bills or damage claims may be required with each new application for service. Said deposits shall be returned to the customer, without interest, upon termination of service, or after 12 consecutive months of billing paid without penalty, if no other charges remain unpaid.
(Ord. 1179, passed 2-5-1973; Ord. 1495, passed 4-6-2009)