(A)   Each metered consumer or owner to which water shall be furnished by the city, shall pay the city for the same in accordance with the following schedule of rates and minimum charges, which shall be for each gallon.
   (B)   Residential, commercial, public and industrial:
Water Used
Base charge for each meter per month
$15.25 flat rate
0-2,500 gallons of water per month
$0.0065 per gallon
2,501 and over gallons of water per month
$0.0057 per gallon
Size of Meter
Minimum per Month
5/8 inch
750 gallons
3/4 inch
1,500 gallons
1 inch
1-1/2 inch
7,500 gallons
2 inch
15,000 gallons
3 inch
30,000 gallons
4 inch
85,000 gallons
6 inch
250,000 gallons
8 inch
500,000 gallons
   (C)   The customer shall pay the minimum charge only when the amount resulting by applying the meter rate to the quantity of water consumed is less than the minimum charge. When such amount is greater than said minimum charge, then that amount shall constitute the bill for service rendered.
   (D)   Residential unit multiplier.
      (1)   A structure serviced by a single water meter which supplies water to multiple residential dwelling units shall be charged a multiple of the base fee established per this section.
      (2)   Examples.
         (a)   A duplex would be billed two times the base fee in addition to the water usage rate.
         (b)   A structure containing 25 individual residential dwelling units would be billed 25 times the base fee in addition to the water usage rate.
(Ord. 1565, passed 12-19-2016; Ord. 1574, passed 12-18-2017; Ord. 1587, passed 12-17-2018; Ord. 1599 , passed 12-2-2019; Ord. 1606, passed 12-7-2020)