A.   Animal Shelter Provided: Corinne City has contracted with Brigham City Animal Shelter where impounded animals will be adequately housed and fed.
   B.   Impoundment Authorized; Conditions:
      1.   All animals taken into custody shall be placed in an adequate shelter which the town of Corinne City has contracted for this purpose.
      2.   The following animals may be taken into custody and impounded as deemed necessary:
         a.   Any dog being kept or maintained contrary to the provisions of this chapter.
         b.   Any dog running at large, with any reasonable means used to immobilize.
         c.   Any dog which is not licensed. A dog not wearing a tag shall be presumed to be unlicensed for the purpose of this section.
         d.   Any abandoned or neglected dog(s) whose safety may be threatened should the animal not be readily placed into protective custody.
         e.   Dog(s) which are not vaccinated for rabies in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.
         f.   Any animal needing to be held for quarantine.
         g.   Any potentially dangerous or dangerous animal not properly confined as required by this chapter.
   C.   Redemption Requirements:
      1.   The owner of an impounded animal or his authorized representative may redeem such animal before disposition, provided he/she pays:
         a.   The impound fees;
         b.   The daily board charges;
         c.   Any veterinary costs incurred during the impoundment period;
         d.   Transportation fee, if any;
         e.   Any other expenses incurred to impound an animal in accordance with state or local laws.
      2.   Fees for impound and boarding shall be set from time to time by the agency contracted for impounding of animals by Corinne City.
   D.   Terms Of Impoundment, Destruction And Disposal Of Animals:
      1.   Animals shall be impounded for a minimum of three (3) working days before further disposition. If an animal is licensed the impoundment shall be for three (3) working days.
      2.   Reasonable effort shall be made to notify the owner of any animal wearing a license or other identification during that time. Notice shall be deemed given when sent to the last known address of the listed owner.
      3.   Any animal voluntarily relinquished to the animal control facility, by the owner thereof, for destruction or other disposition need not be kept for the minimum holding period before release or other disposition, as herein provided.
      4.   All animals, except those quarantined or confined by court order or those subject to Utah Code Annotated section 4-25-4, which are held longer than the minimum impoundment period and all animals voluntarily relinquished to the impound facility may be destroyed. Any healthy dog may be sold at the discretion of the animal shelter.
      5.   Any licensed animal impounded and having or suspected of having serious physical injury or contagious disease requiring medical attention may, at the discretion of the animal shelter be released to the care of a veterinarian with or without the consent of the owner.
      6.   When, in the judgment of the animal shelter, it is determined that an animal should be destroyed for humane reasons or to protect the public from imminent danger to person or property such animal may be destroyed without regard to any time limitation otherwise established in this chapter and without a court order. (Ord. 11-04, 11-1-2011)