A.   Vaccination Requirements: All dogs shall be vaccinated by a duly licensed veterinarian or at a rabies clinic. Every dog shall be revaccinated every two (2) years thereafter (see also subsection 5-1-3A7b of this chapter). Any unvaccinated dog over six (6) months of age, adopted, or brought into the jurisdiction, must likewise be vaccinated initially. Thereafter valid protection must be maintained.
   B.   Impoundment Of Animals Without Valid Rabies Vaccination Tag:
      1.   Its owner may reclaim any vaccinated animal impounded because of lack of a rabies vaccination tag by furnishing proof of a rabies vaccination and payment of all impoundment fees prior to release.
      2.   Any unvaccinated animal may be reclaimed prior to disposal by payment of impound fees and by obtaining or providing proof of a rabies vaccination within seventy two (72) hours of release.
      3.   Any animal not reclaimed within the prescribed period of time shall be disposed of pursuant to this chapter.
   C.   Rabid Animal Reports: Any person having knowledge of the whereabouts of an animal known to have been exposed to or suspected of having rabies or of an animal or person bitten by such a suspected animal shall notify Corinne City or the Box Elder County health department.
   D.   Quarantine And Disposition Of Biting Animal:
      1.   An animal that has rabies or shows signs of having rabies and every animal bitten by another animal affected with rabies or that has been exposed to rabies shall be reported, by the owner, as set forth above, and shall immediately be confined in a secure place by the owner. The owner shall turn over the animal in question to the town officer or designated agent upon demand.
      2.   The owner of any animal that has been bitten by another animal known to be capable of harboring the rabies virus shall surrender the animal to an authorized official upon demand. Any person authorized to enforce this chapter may enter upon private property to seize the animal if the owner refuses to surrender the animal (see subsection 5-1-10A of this chapter).
      3.   Any animal subject to rabies that bites a person or animal or is suspected of having rabies may be seized and quarantined for observation for a period of not less than fourteen (14) days by the animal shelter. The owner of the animal shall bear the cost of confinement. The animal shelter shall be the normal place for such quarantine, but other arrangements, including confinement by the owner, may be made by the officer if the animal has current rabies vaccinations at the time the bite is inflicted or if there are other special circumstances justifying an exemption. A person who has custody of an animal under quarantine shall immediately notify Corinne City if the animal shows any sign of sickness or abnormal behavior or if the animal escapes confinement. It is unlawful for any person who has custody of a quarantined animal to fail or refuse to allow an officer or representative of the health department to make an inspection or examination during the period of quarantine.
         a.   If the animal dies within fourteen (14) days from the date of the bite the person having custody shall immediately notify Corinne City office in order that they may have the head immediately removed and delivered to the state health department.
         b.   If at the end of the fourteen (14) day period an investigating officer of the town or animal shelter examines the animal and finds no sign of rabies, the animal may be released to the owner. In the case of a stray it shall be disposed of as provided in this chapter.
      4.   In the case of an unvaccinated animal known to have been bitten by a known rabid animal, such bitten or exposed animal shall be immediately destroyed.
   E.   Bites; Duty To Report:
      1.   Any person having knowledge of any individual or dog having been bitten by an animal subject to rabies shall report the incident immediately to the Box Elder County sheriff's department.
      2.   The owner of a dog that bites a person and any person bitten by a dog shall report the bite to the Box Elder County sheriff's department within twenty four (24) hours of the bite.
      3.   A physician or other medical personnel who renders professional treatment to a person bitten by a dog shall report the fact that he/she has rendered professional treatment to the Box Elder County sheriff's department within twenty four (24) hours of the first professional attendance. He shall report the name, sex and address of the person bitten, as well as the type and location of the bite. If known, he shall give the name and address of the owner of the dog that inflicted the bite, and any other facts that may assist the Box Elder County sheriff's department.
      4.   Any person treating an animal bitten, injured or mauled by another animal shall report the incident to the Box Elder County sheriff's department. The report shall contain the name and address of the owner of the wounded, injured, or bitten animal, the name and address of the owner and description of the animal that caused the injury, and the location of the incident.
      5.   Any person not conforming to the requirements of this section shall be in violation of this chapter. (Ord. 11-04, 11-1-2011)