The following acts and circumstances are hereby declared to be nuisances and therefore are prohibited:
1.   Keeping an animal or animals in such manner or in such number that allows for the accumulation of solid waste of such animals, which becomes a detriment to or menace to the health of the animals or to humans.
2.   Keeping a noisy animal, regardless of whether the animal is physically situated in or upon private property.
   A.   A noisy animal is defined as an animal that barks, bays, howls, cries or emits any other noise continuously and/or incessantly for a period of ten (10) minutes or barks intermittently for a period of one-half (½) hour or more and the sound is plainly audible across a residential boundary or within a noise sensitive area.
   B.   The animal shall not be deemed a noisy animal if at the time it is making noise a person is trespassing or threatening to trespass upon private property in or upon which the animal is situated or a person is taking other action which would tease or provoke the animal to be noisy.
3.   Having an animal which causes any damage or defilement to public or private property.
4.   Having an animal which molests any person on public or private property when such person has a legitimate reason to be there.
5.   Having an animal which molests or kills wildlife, birds or domestic animals on public or private property.