1   State statutes dictate many of the ethics provisions that apply to municipal officials and employees. For provisions relative to the following, see the Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A.) sections indicated:
   Campaign finance: Tennessee Code Annotated, title 2, ch. 10.
   Conflict of interests: Tennessee Code Annotated, §§ 6-54-107, 108; 12-4-101, 102.
   Conflict of interests disclosure statements: Tennessee Code Annotated, § 8-50-501 and the following sections.
   Consulting fee prohibition for elected municipal officials: Tennessee Code Annotated, §§ 2-10-122, 124.
   Crimes involving public officials (bribery, soliciting unlawful compensation, buying and selling in regard to office): Tennessee Code Annotated, § 39-16-101 and the following sections.
   Crimes of official misconduct, official oppression, misuse of official information: Tennessee Code Annotated,§ 39-16-401 and the following sections.
   Ouster law: Tennessee Code Annotated,§ 8-47-101 and the following sections.
   A brief synopsis of each of these laws appears in Appendix of this municipal code.
   1-401.   Applicability.
   1-402.   Definition of "personal interest."
   1-403.   Disclosure of personal interest by official with vote.
   1-404.   Disclosure of personal interest in non-voting matters.
   1-405.   Acceptance of gratuities, etc.
   1-406.   Use of information.
   1-407.   Use of municipal time, facilities, etc.
   1-408.   Use of position or authority.
   1-409.   Outside employment.
   1-410.   Ethics complaints.
   1-411.   Violations.