A.   Enforcement: This title shall be enforced by the building inspector or his assistants, subject to such variations and interpretations which may be made by the board of adjustment. Appeal of any decision of the enforcing officer may be made to the board of adjustment as provided in the law of the state of Montana.
   B.   Certificate Of Occupancy:
      1.   Issuance: A certificate of occupancy shall be issued by the enforcing officer before any building, premises or part thereof may hereafter be created, erected, changed or converted, wholly or in part, in its use or structure, to the effect that such building and use proposed therefor conform to the provisions of this title. These certificates shall be applied for and issued at the same time the building inspector approves the building.
      2.   Temporary Certificate: Temporary certificates of occupancy may be issued for a period not exceeding six (6) months during the completion of any alterations or during a partial occupancy of such building. Such temporary certificate shall not be extended, nor shall it in any way affect the rights, duties and obligations of the owner or the city, relative to the use or occupancy of the premises covered, or any other matter covered by this chapter.
   C.   Building Permit:
      1.   Reference: Any and all references to a "building permit" contained in this title shall refer to and be considered the same as the building permit required and provided for in section 4-1-2 of this code, and the provisions of section 4-1-2 of this code and the provisions of this title requiring building permits shall be read together and considered as one for enforcement purposes in carrying out the purposes of this title and the purposes of section 4-1-2 of this code.
      2.   Application: Each application for a building permit must be made in the manner provided for in section 4-1-2 of this code and contain such other information as deemed necessary by the building inspector to provide for the enforcement of the regulations contained in this title, and the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The building inspector shall keep a careful record of such application and accompanying documents on file in the office of the city finance officer.
   D.   Basement Excavation: It shall be unlawful to allow any basement excavation upon which a building is not constructed to be left unfilled or uncovered, if construction of intended building is not started upon said excavation within sixty (60) days of excavation, and to be worked on continuously until completed.
   E.   Moving Or Demolishing Buildings: No person shall move or demolish a building within the city limits without first obtaining a permit from the building inspector. Where buildings have been removed or demolished, the ground shall be leveled and all debris removed within thirty (30) days.
   F.   Fences:
      1.   Permit Required: No person shall erect, install or construct a fence without first obtaining a written building permit authorizing the erection, installation or construction of such fence from the building inspector. The fee for such permit shall be established from time to time by resolution of the city council.
      2.   Specifications: No fence or hedge exceeding three feet (3') in height shall be constructed in residential districts except in the rear or side yard only, where the fence may exceed three feet (3') in height, but such fence in excess of three feet (3') in height shall not extend within ten feet (10') of the property line of an intersecting street. Where such fence or hedge in excess of three feet (3') encloses the side yard and is within six feet (6') of the adjoining property line, there shall be filed with the building inspector proof of notice by certified letter to the adjacent property owner. Fences or hedges enclosing the rear yard and/or erected to the rear of the property or lot shall be erected at a minimum distance of three feet (3') within the rear property or lot line. (Ord. 369, 7-6-1999; amd. 2015 Code)