A.   Reduction Of Rear Yard: Where churches, schools, hospitals or colleges are located in any A or B district and have no portion used as a place of habitation, the depth of the rear yard may be reduced to six feet (6').
   B.   Dwellings Above Stores, Shops Or Other Commercial Uses: The front, side and rear yards shall be waived where dwellings are erected above stores, shops or other commercial uses.
   C.   Reduction Of Lot Area: No lot area shall at any time be so reduced or diminished that the front, rear or side yards shall be smaller than prescribed by this title.
   D.   Yard To Be Open: Every part of a required yard shall be open from its lowest point to the sky unobstructed, except for the ordinary projection of sills, belt courses, cornices and ornamental features; ordinary projections of chimneys and flues, bay or breast windows not over fifteen feet (15') long and projecting not more than eighteen inches (18"), may be permitted by the building inspector where the same are so placed as not to obstruct the light or ventilation; provided, that open or lattice enclosed fire escapes, fireproof outside stairways and balconies opening into fire towers project into a yard not more than five feet (5').
   E.   Obstruction To View: On any corner lot in which a front yard is required by this title, no wall, fence or other structure shall be erected, and no hedge, shrub, tree or other growth shall be maintained in such location between such front yard line and the street line as to cause danger to traffic by obscuring the view. (1975 Code § 10-1-7)