A.   Designation As Through Streets: The following streets and parts of streets within the city are hereby declared to constitute, at all points named, through streets for the purpose of this section:
All of Main Street, and that portion of Fourth Avenue lying west of Main Street.
   B.   Stop Required: Every operator of a vehicle or other conveyance traveling upon such street intersecting such through street above designated shall stop such vehicle or other conveyance at the place where such street meets the prolongation or projection of the inside lines of the nearest sidewalk of such through street.
   C.   Signs Required: All such streets intersecting such through streets shall, at or near the place of intersection, be marked with signs bearing the words "Stop" or "Thru Street" or "Through Street", such signs to be placed at a conspicuous point; provided, that additional signs, devices or markers may be placed and maintained in or near the roadway.
   D.   Right Of Way: Vehicles traveling on such through streets or stop streets at the points designated shall have the right of way over vehicles traveling on streets intersecting such through streets at the points above designated, and it shall be the duty of the driver of any vehicle coming into or across such designated through street or stop street from any such intersecting street to come to a complete stop and to maintain a particularly careful watch for vehicles traveling on said through street and shall give preference and right of way to all such vehicles and shall not drive into or across such through street at such points until there is a sufficient break in the traffic to permit the same to be done with safety to the vehicle so being driven and to other vehicles upon said through street. (1975 Code § 9-1-13)