A.   Monthly Billing; Liability: The amount of charges for the public utility services provided for in chapters 2, 3 and 4 of this title shall be billed each month to the property owner or authorized tenant of each premises served, upon completion of the proper forms at city hall. The property owner is ultimately responsible if the tenant or authorized agent fails to pay the charges. (Ord. 352, 1-6-1997; amd. Ord. 357, 12-1-1997; 2015 Code)
   B.   Payment Of Charges: The charges will be billed monthly for service and shall be due and payable by the date indicated on the billing statement. All charges shall be billed against the property on which it is furnished and against the owner thereof, and if for any cause any sums owing therefor become delinquent, the service may be cut off, and in no case shall it be turned on the same property until such delinquent sums shall have been paid in full. No change of ownership or occupant shall affect the application of this subsection. Such notice shall be delivered by regular mail to the user on record at city hall. Upon failure to comply with the rules and regulations established as a condition to the use of services or to pay any related charges, or any charge of penalty imposed, in the time and manner herein provided, the service may be shut off until payment of the amount due, plus a fee to be determined by the city council assessed for turning the service off and on. (1975 Code § 8-4-2; amd. Ord. 357, 12-1-1997; Ord. 385, 3-1-2004; 2015 Code)