A.   Abatement By City: Where a complaint has been made or the city has reason to believe, after inspection and photographic documentation, that "vegetation", as defined herein, is present upon a person's land within the city limits, in violation of the law, then the city, through its designated representative, may direct or hire the removal or eradication of unwanted vegetation and/or grass and weeds over eight inches (8") in height in order to bring the lot into compliance. (Ord. 402, 5-2-2011)
   B.   Assessment Of Costs; Collection: If the city exercises its right under this chapter, then the city shall assess the lot owner, or agent of such owner, a minimum fee to be determined by council resolution from time to time. Bills must specify and order a payment due date of thirty (30) days from the date the bill is sent. If the billed amount is not paid when due, the city shall proceed in any lawful manner to collect the amount billed. (Ord. 402, 5-2-2011; amd. 2015 Code)