(a)   City Council Hearing. After receiving from the Commission the recommendation on the proposed amendment, the Council shall advertise and hold a public hearing thereon. For all proposed text or map amendments at least one (1) notice of said public hearing shall be given in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the hearing.
(1)    Where the proposed amendment is to affect a change in the Official Zoning Districts Map, written notice of the hearing shall be mailed by the Clerk of Council by first-class mail at least ten (10) days prior to the date of said hearing to the owners of all property within two hundred (200) feet of any part of the property proposed to be changed. The failure of delivery of such notice shall not invalidate any such amendment.
(2)    The published and mailed notification shall set forth the time and place of the public hearing and a summary of the proposed amendment. During the thirty (30) day advertising period, the text or copy of the text of such ordinance or amendment and the maps, plans, and reports submitted by the Commission shall be on file for public examination in the office of the Clerk of Council.
(3)    After the public hearing the Council may adopt the proposal as recommended by the Commission by a majority vote of its entire membership. If the Council modifies the proposal, it shall resubmit the proposed modification to the Commission for further consideration and approval. The Council may adopt the modified proposal without the approval of the Commission by a three-fourths (¾) vote of the full membership of the Council. The Clerk of Council shall submit a copy of any action in regard to this Zoning Ordinance to the Commission.
         (Ord. 33-82. Passed 2-22-82.)