The following rules are hereby adopted governing the collections and payments of the Township Tax Collector.
   (A)   Deposit of taxes collected.
      (1)   The Township Tax Collector shall deliver to the Township Secretary Treasurer, in the form of a bank check, all funds collected on behalf of the township as follows:
         (a)   On a weekly basis; or
         (b)   After accumulation of $1,000 in payments during slow tax collection periods.
      (2)   If there is a non-sufficient funds check, the Tax Collector will notify the Secretary Treasurer of such, and funds in the amount of that check may remain in the account of the Tax Collector until such check is cleared.
   (B)   Account reconciliation.
      (1)   The Township Tax Collector shall provide the Township Supervisors with a report and reconciliation of taxes collected and deposits made by the tenth of every month.
      (2)   The reconciliation shall include:
         (a)   Copies of all deposit slips involving township taxes; and
         (b)   A report listing all taxpayers and their payments, coinciding with the deposit slips.
   (C)   Remedies. Failure of the Tax Collector to comply with the rules established by the Supervisors shall be grounds for withholding periodic salary payment, until such time as full compliance is achieved.
(Res. R02-09, passed 2-18-2009)