§ 34.002  TAX STRUCTURE.
   The Township Supervisors hereby re-establish the following tax structure:
Earned income tax
0.5% on the earned income of residents and nonresidents of the township and 0.5% on the net profits of residents and nonresidents of the township
Fire hydrant assessment
0.5 mill for each $1 (or $0.05 for each $100) assessed on the adjusted real estate valuation of property for county tax purposes on surface owners in the township owning property within 780 feet of each public fire hydrant
Local services tax
$52 a year for the privilege of engaging in an occupation with a primary place of employment within the township during the tax year; as long as the Conemaugh Township School District continues to impose an occupational privilege tax, the amount of $5 shall be deducted from the tax so that taxpayers obligated to pay this local services tax shall only pay the amount of $47 as local services tax to the township; those earning less than $12,000/year are exempt from this tax
Per capita tax
$5 upon each person 18 years and older residing within the boundaries of the township; some exemptions apply
Real estate tax
8.0 mills for each $1 (or $0.80 for each $100) of assessed valuation based upon the county assessment of all real estate located within the municipal boundaries of the township
Real estate transfer tax
0.5% upon deeds that transfer and convey lands, tenements or hereditaments situated wholly or partially within the township
Street lighting assessment
$0.33 for each lineal foot frontage on improved property and $0.08 for each lineal foot frontage on undeveloped property on streets, roads, alleys and highways within 250 feet of each street lighting facility
(Res. R07-17, passed 12-20-2017)