(A)   Section 7503 of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code, 35 Pa.C.S. §§ 7101 et seq. mandates that the township prepare, maintain and keep current an emergency operations plan for the prevention and minimization of injury and damage caused by a major emergency or disaster within this township.
   (B)   In response to the mandate stated above, this township has prepared an emergency operations plan to provide prompt and effective emergency response procedures to be followed in the event of a major emergency or disaster.
   (C)   This township has also prepared an emergency operations plan in order to reduce the potential affects of a major emergency or disaster and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of this township.
   (D)   The Supervisors of the township do hereby approve, adopt and place into immediate effect the Emergency Operations Plan of Conemaugh Township. This plan shall be reviewed every two years to make certain that it conforms with the requirements of the Somerset County Emergency Operations Guideline.
(Res. R01-11, passed 1-19-2011)