§ 110.02  LICENSE.
   (A)   All commercial enterprises involving the use of projectiles shall obtain a license from the township prior to conducting operations. After the effective date of this chapter, no commercial enterprise involving the use of projectiles shall operate without a license. Existing enterprises shall submit an application within two calendar days of the effective date of this chapter. The license shall be obtained from the Codes Enforcement Officer, on an annual basis and no later than the anniversary date of the issuance of the first license.
   (B)   Application for license shall include:
      (1)   Name, address and telephone numbers of all persons owning an interest in the land on which the activity is being conducted;
      (2)   Proof of insurance, covering damage to persons off the property in amount of at least $200,000, and acknowledgment from the insurance provider that injuries from projectiles to third parties are covered by the insurance;
      (3)   Copies of all required permits, including driveway and highway access permits;
      (4)   A drawing showing the layout of the property and safety measures sufficient to prevent reasonable, anticipatable instances of projectiles leaving the property and posing a risk to neighbors or the general public; and
      (5)   A fee of $200, or such other amount as may be set by resolution by the Supervisors at their annual re-organization meeting based upon the costs of administering this chapter.
   (C)   Prior to issuance of a license, the Code Enforcement Officer will meet with the applicant on site to review the safety measures. Where a permit request is denied on the basis of inadequate provisions for safety, the Code Enforcement Officer shall provide a written explanation of the deficiency together with the measures required to correct the deficiency.
(Ord. 638, passed 8-15-2001; Res. R02-02, passed 5-22-2002)  Penalty, see § 110.99