§ 32.178  FORMAT.
   (A)   The proposed and adopted budgets shall provide financial data on revenues, other resources and expenditures for at least a three-year period, including prior year actual, current year budget and/or estimated current year actual and proposed budget.
   (B)   The proposed and adopted budgets shall also include a narrative that:
      (1)   Summarizes the major changes in priorities or service levels from the current year and the factors leading to those changes;
      (2)   Identifies the priorities and key issues for the new budget period; and
      (3)   Identifies and summarizes major financial factors and trends affecting the budget, such as: economic factors; long-range outlook; significant changes in revenue collections, tax rates or other changes; current and future debt obligations; and significant use of or increase in fund balance or retained earnings.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 4.5)