(A)   The Township Board recognizes that to carry out its mission of service to the community, the Township Board, officials, employees and volunteers must earn the full confidence of the township community. The residents and taxpayers expect, and are entitled to, a local government that conducts its affairs in a fair, ethical, transparent and accountable manner.
   (B)   To accomplish these ends, the Township Board expects compliance with the following Code of Ethical Conduct.
      (1)   In conducting their official duties, township officials and employees shall observe both the spirit and intent of all applicable laws, township ordinances and township policies and procedures.
      (2)   Township officials shall act in a fair, impartial manner.
      (3)   Actions of officials and employees shall be consistent with the township’s best interests, rather than for personal gain.
      (4)   The township shall practice transparency in its affairs, unless there is a legal necessity for confidentiality.
      (5)   Civility and respect will be demonstrated in all governance processes and in the delivering of township programs and services.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 3.1)