The following standards shall apply to all private and commercial wind energy conversion systems in the township design safety certification. The safety of the design of all private and commercial turbine towers shall be certified by a professional engineer registered in the state. The standard for certification shall be included with the permit application.
   (A)   Only turbines with upwind blades shall be permitted in the township.
   (B)   No vertical axis turbines shall be permitted.
   (C)   No building mounted wind turbines shall be permitted.
   (D)   Tilt-up towers are permitted on residential towers up to 120 feet.
   (E)   No towers under 60 feet tall shall be permitted.
   (F)   The use of an anemometer tower is encouraged to determine site feasibility.
   (G)   Commercial towers must be of the monopole style.
   (H)   Guy wires on towers shall be protected to a height of six feet with a brightly colored safety material.
(Ord. 30.2, passed 9-10-2018)