§ 157.04  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALTERNATING CURRENT (AC).  An electrical current whose magnitude and direction varies.
   AMPERES (AMPS).  A unit of electrical current
   CONDITIONAL LAND USE PERMIT.  Allows the property owner use of his or her land in a way not otherwise permitted.
   DC.  Direct current.
   DC POWER (DIRECT CURRENT).  An electrical current whose magnitude and direction stay constant.
   DECOMMISSIONING.  To remove from service.
   DISTRIBUTED GENERATION.  Power generation at or close to the point of consumption.
   GIGAWATT.  A unit of electric power equal to one billion watts.
   GLREA.  Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.
   GRID.  The infrastructure of power lines, transformers and substations that delivers electric power.
   GROUND-MOUNTED ARRAY.  A freestanding group of solar panels.
   INSTALLER.  A contractor that installs solar panels and equipment.
   INTERCONNECTION.  The link between a the grid and an electrical power generator.
   INVERTER.  A device that converts DC power into AC power.
   KILOWATT.  A unit of power equal to one thousand watts.
   KNOX BOX.  A small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for emergency situations.
   MEGAWATT.  A unit of power equal to one million watts of energy produced.
   MEO.  Michigan Energy Office.
   MPSC.  Michigan Public Service Commission.
   NABCEP.  North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.
   NEC.  National Electrical Code.
   NEC - ARTICLE 690.  National Electrical Code article that governs solar photovoltaic systems.
   PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV).  Generating electrical power by converting sunlight into electricity.
   PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) DEVICE.  A system of components that generates electric energy from sunlight.
   PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS.  Solar panels which convert sunlight into electrical (DC) energy.
   REC RENEWABLE ENERGY CREDITS. Tradable commodities that put a value to the renewable energy.
   RESIDENTIAL SOLAR.  PV installation where the primary purpose is to provide electricity to the site.
   RPS RENEWABLE PORTFOLIO STANDARDS. Requires utilities to supply a percentage of electricity from renewable energy.
   SETBACK REQUIREMENTS.  Distance structures must be placed away from property lines.
   SOLAR ARRAY.  Any number of PV panels connected together to provide a single output of electric energy.
   SOLAR FARM.  Area of land with a utility-scale solar energy system where the primary purpose is to sell electric energy.
   VOLT.  A unit of electrical pressure.
   WATT.  A unit of electrical power (watts = volts x amps).
(Ord. 30.0, passed 1-8-2017)