§ 156.01  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following excavation activities are not included within the definition of a “quarry” and are exempt from the conditional use requirements of this chapter:
   (A)   Approved by a governmental body of competent jurisdiction in conjunction with the installation or maintenance of publicly-owned or operated utilities, drainage facilities, roads, or other publicly- owned or operated improvements, where the excavation is limited to the site of the public utility or improvement;
   (B)   Excavation which by its nature is of limited scope and duration and which is undertaken primarily for the immediate use and development of the land excavated, such as for purposes of building construction, septic tanks, swimming pools, graves and the like; and
   (C)   Excavation in conjunction with farming operations conducted in accordance with generally accepted agricultural practices, including agricultural drainage work incidental to farming operations and irrigation or stock watering ponds.
(Ord. 28, passed 11-13-2017)