A proposed land division reviewable by the township shall be approved if the following criteria are met:
   (A)   All the parcels created by the proposed division(s) have a minimum width of 100 feet as measured at the road frontage; unless otherwise provided for in an applicable zoning regulations;
   (B)   All such parcels shall contain a minimum area of 10,000 square feet; unless otherwise provided in an applicable zoning ordinance;
   (C)   The ratio of depth to width of any parcel created by the division does not exceed a four to one ratio exclusive of access roads, easements or non-development sites. The depth of a parcel by a land division shall be measured within the boundaries of each parcel from the abutting road right-of-way to the most remote boundary line point of the parcel from the point of commencement of the measurement;
   (D)   The proposed land division(s) complies with all requirements of the chapter and the State Land Division Act, being M.C.L.A. §§ 560.101 et seq.; and
   (E)   All parcels created and remaining have existing adequate accessibility, or an area available therefor, for public utilities and emergency and other vehicles.
(Ord. 16, passed 10-13-1997)