§ 110.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   A violation of this chapter is a municipal civil infraction, for which the fines shall not be less than $100 nor more than $500, in the discretion of the court. The foregoing sanctions shall be in addition to the rights of the township to proceed at law or equity with other appropriate and proper remedies. Additionally, the violator shall pay costs which may include all expenses, direct and indirect, which the township incurs in connection with the municipal civil infraction.
   (B)   Each day during which any violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.
   (C)   In addition, the township may seek injunctive relief against persons alleged to be in violation of this chapter, and such other relief as may be provided by law.
   (D)   This chapter shall be administered and enforced by the Ordinance Enforcement Officer of the township or by such other person (s) as designated by the Township Board from time to time.
(Ord. 33, passed 3-11-2019)