All existing and nonconforming firing range facilities shall be required to adhere to the following performance standards.
   (A)   The facility shall be maintained in a manner that will contain all projectiles within the property boundary lines.
   (B)   The facility shall not engage in any activity that causes an increase in the nonconformity of the nonconforming firing range.
   (C)   The facility shall not increase the total amount of space devoted to the firing range facility.
   (D)   Facilities shall not perform physical alteration of structures or placement of new structures that results in the increase of total area used in conjunction with the firing range facility and/or operations.
   (E)   Minor repairs and routine property maintenance shall be permitted for all existing structures, berms and safety devices.
   (F)   Existing and/or nonconforming firing ranges shall not be allowed to detonate any explosive device with the exception of exploding targets utilized for target confirmation. The utilization of exploding targets shall adhere to the manufacturer’s specification for use and shall not be placed or contained in an object which will result in the release of shrapnel.
(Ord. 25, passed - -)