(A)   (1)   On or before January 1 of each year, each application for a kennel permit must be submitted and accompanied by a valid dog license for each of the dogs within said dog kennel, from the county. Each additional dog added to the kennel, after January 1 shall have 30 days to provide the updated licenses from the county.
      (2)   All applicants must have the written permission of 75% of the owners of residences within 1,000 feet of any part of the outer perimeter of the dog kennel, and those permissions must be attached with the application form. The appropriate forms for this permission will be mailed to, and collected by, the township.
   (B)   Upon verification of the dog licenses and compliance with other applicable regulations, the township shall issue a special use kennel permit.
   (C)   The fees for a kennel permit shall be established by resolution of the Township Board.
(Ord. 31, passed 4-9-2018)