§ 32.755  KEYS.
   (A)   The following positions are authorized to receive a key to the main door:
      (1)   Assessor;
      (2)   Clerk;
      (3)   Supervisor;
      (4)   Treasurer;
      (5)   All committee chairpersons; and
      (6)   Trustees.
   (B)   If a key is lost, the Supervisor shall be informed immediately. A replacement key shall be issued. If the Supervisor has reason to believe that the missing key may be used for unauthorized entry, new locks will be installed.
   (C)   Upon termination of employment, the employee shall return his or her office keys to the Township Supervisor.
   (D)   No person shall duplicate a key without authorization from the Township Supervisor or make a key available to any unauthorized person.
   (E)   Each department head shall determine who shall be issued a key to the department’s door or any secured facilities, such as a safe, cash drawer or filing cabinet, within the department.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 8.14)