(A)   The first person arriving each morning should make sure that:
      (1)   The security system is deactivated;
      (2)   All public access doors are unlocked;
      (3)   Necessary office machines are activated; and
      (4)   The HVAC system is functioning as appropriate for the season.
   (B)   Prior to leaving, each employee will make his or her work station secure by checking that computers, typewriters, calculators and lights are turned off, filing cabinets and cash drawers are locked, and windows and doors are locked.
   (C)   The last person to leave the township hall at night shall check to see that:
      (1)   The copier and other office machines are turned off;
      (2)   All doors and common area windows are locked;
      (3)   All lights are turned off, except for designated security lights; and
      (4)   The security system is activated.
   (D)   Persons working after hours are responsible for turning off the lights and office machines used, and checking that all doors and windows are secure.
   (E)   Outside lights shall be turned on prior to any evening meeting and shall be turned off by the last person leaving the meeting.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 8.12)