(A)   If an official or employee receives a citizen complaint that is outside his or her authority or responsibility, the official or employee shall direct the citizen to the appropriate official, employee or department.
   (B)   Complaints or other concerns received from a citizen shall be received with courtesy. The official or employee will make every effort to resolve a complaint or problem, within the official’s or employee’s scope of authority. Department heads will be notified of all complaints.
   (C)   The Supervisor shall also be notified in writing of any citizen complaint arising from official or employee conduct or the administration of a department or Township Board policy or procedure. The notice shall include the name and address of the citizen, the nature of the complaint and how the complaint was resolved. The Township Board or the Supervisor may make a subsequent inquiry with the citizen to determine whether the issue was resolved and whether any additional action is required.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 7.7)