(A)   Public records that have reached their minimum retention period, and which are no longer required for the efficient operation of the township, may be disposed of. All township offices shall routinely review all records (regardless of format) to identify those that have fulfilled their retention requirements.
   (B)   Disposal shall be made by a method that is guaranteed to ensure the privacy of sensitive or confidential information. Records that contain confidential information will be disposed of in a manner that ensures they cannot be reconstructed.
      (1)   The township shall destroy sensitive or confidential information by contracting with a shredding service for this purpose. The contractor will be required to provide written verification that the documents have been irretrievably destroyed.
      (2)   The township shall destroy open records by recycling or regular trash disposal.
   (C)   Some records possess permanent or historical value. These records may be designated for eventual transfer to the Archives of Michigan for permanent preservation. The township shall follow the Archives’ procedures for transferring records.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 6.22)