(A)   The Clerk shall be responsible for coordinating all records management procedures and activities for township offices, departments or services.
   (B)   Duties include the:
      (1)   Distribution of approved general record retention schedules;
      (2)   Development, review and approval of township-specific record retention schedules where required;
      (3)   Distribution of policies, guidelines and standards published by the state, the township and other parties;
      (4)   Arranging off-site storage facilities for inactive records required;
      (5)   Arranging digital imaging services where required;
      (6)   Arranging the substantiated destruction of confidential records with a vendor; and
      (7)   Coordinating all litigation holds to prevent the destruction of records that are relevant to a Freedom of Information Act, being 5 U.S.C. § 552 request, investigation or litigation.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 6.2)