(A)   The Township Clerk or Personnel Officer shall maintain a permanent personnel record of each township employee. The personnel records shall be kept complete and accurate in compliance with federal and state laws and any applicable general record retention schedules adopted by the state.
   (B)   Each employee’s personnel file shall contain at minimum the following:
      (1)   Personnel data, including full name, Social Security number, current address, resume or application submitted and records of any pre-employment examination(s) (if required);
      (2)   Performance evaluations;
      (3)   Attendance/absence and use of authorized leaves;
      (4)   Commendations or disciplinary actions;
      (5)   Tax withholding information;
      (6)   Beneficiary information;
      (7)   Record of positions held; and
      (8)   Insurance and pension records.
   (C)   A personnel file shall not include:
      (1)   Employee references supplied to an employer if the identity of the person making the reference would be disclosed;
      (2)   Materials relating to the employer’s staff planning with respect to more than one employee, including salary increases, management bonus plans, promotions and job assignments;
      (3)   Medical reports and records made or obtained by the employer if the records or reports are available to the employee from the doctor or medical facility involved (HIPAA requires this information be kept in a separate file);
      (4)   Information of a personal nature about a person other than the employee if disclosure of the information would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of the other person’s privacy;
      (5)   Information that is kept separately from other records and that relates to an investigation of the employee by the employer regarding criminal activity that may result in loss or damage to the employer’s property or disruption of the employer’s business operation;
      (6)   Records limited to grievance investigations that are kept separately and are not used for the purposes provided in this division (C); and
      (7)   Records kept by an executive, administrative or professional employee that are kept in the sole possession of the maker of the record, and are not accessible or shared with other persons. But a record concerning an occurrence or fact about an employee may be entered into a personnel record if entered not more than six months after the date of the occurrence or the date the fact becomes known.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 5.25)