(A)   The township shall employ, promote and transfer all employees and job applicants on the basis of merit, qualifications and competence in compliance with all applicable employment laws.
   (B)   The Personnel Officer shall utilize the following procedures in filling any vacant employment positions.
      (1)   A notice of position vacancy shall be developed, based on the current job description and discussions with the department head. The posting shall provide the position title, brief description, education and experience requirements, current pay grade, application deadline and the township’s Equal employment opportunity policy.
      (2)   The position vacancy notice shall be published on township website, Facebook page and in local newspaper(s), as applicable.
      (3)   The applications or resumes submitted will be reviewed by the department head or Personnel Officer, and a list of qualified candidates will be developed.
      (4)   Interviews will be conducted with the department head’s participation. Any additional screening procedures, such as employment testing, shall require prior Board approval. At least three non-related references shall be contacted.
      (5)   The Personnel Officer shall select the candidate who best meets the job prerequisites for education, experience and management style, if appropriate.
      (6)   The selected candidate shall be submitted to the Township Board. The Board may schedule an interview with the candidate at a Board meeting.
      (7)   Following Board concurrence, the candidate will be offered the position, pending the satisfactory completion of any required pre-employment examination(s).
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 5.9)