(A)   The Township Board shall determine the number of employees assigned to the various township offices.
   (B)   The following procedure shall be used to authorize new positions.
      (1)   The responsible manager shall discuss the need for the new position with the Supervisor or Personnel Officer.
      (2)   If the Supervisor or Personnel Officer agrees that the proposed position should be recommended to the Board, the department head shall submit a draft job description and written position justification to the Supervisor or Personnel Officer who may approve, modify or reject the draft job description or position justification.
      (3)   If the Supervisor or Personnel Officer does not agree to recommend creating the proposed position, the department head may appeal the decision to the Township Board. The Board may concur with the recommendation, or may approve creating the new position and direct the Supervisor or Personnel Officer to develop a job description for the position.
      (4)   The Township Board may accept or reject the implementation of the new position. The Board shall not create any new position without prior adoption of any necessary budget amendments.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 5.5)