The Personnel Officer shall do all of the following:
   (A)   Develop job descriptions for all township positions;
   (B)   Update job descriptions as needed, and review the accuracy and currency of all job descriptions at least once every three years;
   (C)   Recruit applicants for position vacancies;
   (D)   Provide all new employees with a current copy of the township personnel policies and procedures manual;
   (E)   Monitor changes in state and federal law that impact on township personnel practices;
   (F)   Recommend to the Township Board necessary changes in personnel policies and procedures manual, and provide all employees with copies of amendments to the personnel policies and procedures manual;
   (G)   Provide interpretations of the township personnel policies and procedures when requested by department heads or employees. The interpretation of the Personnel Officer shall be considered final, unless an appeal of the interpretation is filed with the Township Board;
   (H)   The Personnel Officer shall recommend appropriate pay grade or compensation for all employees, subject to Board policies and appropriations;
   (I)   Authorize department heads to impose employee sanctions that exceed the severity of a verbal or written warning;
   (J)   Develop and implement a standard employee evaluation form for use by department heads in periodically evaluating the performance of employees under their supervision;
   (K)   Authorize the use of extended leave by employees pursuant to the township personnel policies and procedures manual; and
   (L)   Conduct exit interviews of all terminating employees following a voluntary separation from township employment
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 5.2)