(A)   The Clerk is responsible for issuing, accounting for, monitoring, retrieving and generally overseeing compliance with the township’s credit card policy.
   (B)   Township credit cards may be used only by an officer or employee of the township for the purchase of goods or services for the official business of the township.
   (C)   Township officers and employees who use a township credit card shall, as soon as possible, submit a copy of the vendor’s credit card slip to the Clerk. If no credit card slip was obtained that described the transaction, the employee shall submit a signed voucher that shows the name of vendor or entity from which goods or services were purchased, the date and the amount of the transaction, the official business that required the transaction. All credit card slips shall include this information as well. Vouchers shall also include a statement why a credit card slip was not obtained.
   (D)   An official or employee who is issued a credit card is responsible for its protection and custody. If a credit card is lost or stolen, the Clerk shall be notified. The entity issuing the lost or stolen credit card shall be immediately notified to cancel the card.
   (E)   An officer or employee issued a credit card shall return the credit card to the Clerk upon termination of his or her employment or service with the township.
   (F)   (1)   The Clerk shall maintain a list of all credit cards owned by the township, along with the name of the officer and employee who has been issued the credit card, the credit limit established, the date issued and the date returned. Each employee shall initial the list beside his or her name to indicate agreement that the credit card has been issued, and that the employee has received and read a copy of this policy.
      (2)   The Clerk shall review each credit card statement as soon as possible to ensure that transactions comply with this policy. Any transactions that appear on the statements that are not documented with a credit card slip or a signed voucher shall be immediately investigated. Transactions that do not appear to comply with this policy shall be reported to the Township Board.
   (G)   The Township Board shall not approve a payment to the entity issuing the credit card until all transactions have been verified, including the approval of all transaction invoices if issued.
   (H)   The balance, including interest due on an extension of credit under the credit card arrangement, shall be paid upon receipt of the credit card statement and before the due date.
   (I)   Officers and employees who use a township credit card in a manner contrary to this policy shall be subject to the following disciplinary actions, as deemed appropriate by the Township Board: reimbursement to the township for unauthorized expenditures will be subtracted from the next payroll check.
   (J)   One credit card will be on file in the name of the township and its officers can ask the Clerk for permission to use the card. Total limit on this card will be $500 for outstanding charges.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 4.94)