(A)   In order to receive comparable and informative bids and proposals, the township shall prepare comprehensive specifications for prospective candidates.
   (B)   The request should state the following items:
      (1)   The length of the contract period;
      (2)   Any required qualifications, such as a certified public accountant license;
      (3)   If attendance is required at Township Board or other meetings, and the number of meetings per year;
      (4)   The amount of anticipated consultation;
      (5)   The anticipated nature and number of the activities required, such as the average number of ordinance enforcement prosecutions for an attorney, the number and type of funds to be audited for an accountant or the number of parcels for an appraiser;
      (6)   The titles of the township official(s) authorized to direct or request services;
      (7)   Whether the activity, such as auditing or appraisal, is to be performed at the township hall; and
      (8)   All documents and records created in a governmental function are property of the township and will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, being 5 U.S.C. § 552.
   (C)   As appropriate, a request for proposals will ask each candidate to describe:
      (1)   The individual or firm’s municipal and township experience;
      (2)   Specific experience with the service or project;
      (3)   The names, credentials and references of the specific individuals who will be assigned to work with the township;
      (4)   Specific certification, such as certified public accountant, or memberships in an appropriate association, such as the Public Law Section of the Michigan Bar Association;
      (5)   Potential conflicts of interest, such as township property owned, interest owned in businesses located in the township or other clients who may have interests that are potentially adverse to the township;
      (6)   Services to be billed above the retainer amount, including the amount charged per hour, with a maximum amount for specific types of services such as additional meetings not covered under the retainer or whether the meetings are to be billed on a per diem or hourly basis;
      (7)   The individual or firm’s policy regarding reimbursement for travel time, phone bills, mileage, copying, postage and other incidental expenses; and
      (8)   The services the township requires and if those services are to be included in a retainer.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 4.90)