(A)   The Treasurer (or other person authorized by the Treasurer) is responsible for all cash receipts. There must be a record of all individual cash transactions, including receipts in triplicate form. All cash transactions must be recorded using a sequentially pre-numbered document. The receipt shall include the amount received, method of payment, name of the payer, purpose and name of staff receiving payment.
   (B)   All remittance advices received shall be attached to a duplicate pre-numbered document. Checks must be stamped for “deposit only” at the point and time of collection. Checks returned for insufficient funds or closed accounts should be forwarded to the Treasurer for reconciling.
   (C)   On a daily basis, authorized individuals who receive cash shall turn over all cash and a copy of all issued receipts to the Treasurer intact. The amount turned over should equal the total of the cash drawer receipts for the day. The Treasurer shall issue a receipt to the person/department for all cash received. Each cash register should be closed out or cleared at the register every time a deposit is made.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 4.31)