5.12.260 Complaints, violations and penalties.
   A.   Whenever a violation of this chapter occurs or is alleged to have occurred, any person may file a written complaint. Such complaint stating fully the causes and basis thereof, shall be filed with the code enforcement office. The code enforcement office shall properly record such complaint and immediately investigate. If facts elicited by such investigation are sufficient to establish a reasonable belief that a violation has occurred on the part of the party investigated, the code enforcement office shall file with the city attorney a complaint against such person requesting action thereon as provided by this chapter and in accordance with law.
   B.   Any person who violates any section of this chapter or regulation thereof or fails to comply with any of its requirements, shall be guilty of a Class C infraction, and upon conviction, shall be fined in the sum of fifty dollars per day for each violation. Every day any violation of this chapter shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.
(Ord. 10-2018, 2018; Ord. 27-2013 § 1, 2013; Prior code § 29-27)