5.12.220 Display or exhibition of cards and photographs.
   The permit cards shall be on display in a prominent place in each taxicab at all times and shall be exhibited to any police officer or code enforcement personnel upon request. Such cards shall be kept corrected as to date, motor number, state license number and the name of the driver. Upon any change being made, the old permit card shall be delivered up and canceled and a new card issued in its place and such old permit card destroyed and necessary correction made in the original permit. There shall be displayed in every taxicab a clear photograph of the driver of the cab together with his name in legible print or type. Such picture shall be at least two inches in size, mounted in a metal container and shall show the head and shoulders of the driver. Such picture shall be clearly visible from the back seat of any taxicab. It shall be the duty of the holder of any license to see that this section is complied with under additional penalty of revocation of such license.  (Ord. 10-2018, 2018; Ord.  27-2013 § 1, 2013; Prior code § 29-23)