5.12.150 License--Application--Driver's information to be given--Fee.
   Every person desiring to drive a taxicab in the city shall before undertaking so to do file an application in writing for a license that is duly sworn to be the applicant with the city clerk-treasurer, which application shall show the following:
   A.   The name and present address of the applicant;
   B.   The address of each place of residence of such applicant during the last six years prior to the date of such application;
   C.   The place of employment, the kind of employment and the name of each of the employers of such applicant for the two years immediately preceding the date of such application;
   D.   Such applicant's experience in automobile operation;
   E.   Whether or not such applicant has ever been convicted in any court for any crime or misdemeanor, and if so, the facts concerning each such conviction;
   F.   Such applicant's state chauffeur license number;
   G.   Upon receipt, each application shall be referred to the chief of police who shall conduct a background investigation of the moral character of the applicant. The results of the investigation will be submitted to the board of public works and safety for review. If upon the board of public-works and safety's review the applicant's character is found unsatisfactory, no license shall be issued. Prior to the approval of any application, the chief of police shall certify on each application that such applicant has been duly examined as to his ability to drive and operate a motor vehicle and has been examined concerning the traffic ordinance and this code of the city and the traffic laws of the state and has been examined as to conviction of any crime or misdemeanor, and that in the opinion of such chief of police and board of public works and safety of the city such applicant is a fit and proper person to receive a taxicab driver's license;
   H.   Such applicant shall also at the time of filing such application for a taxicab driver's license pay to the clerk-treasurer the sum of five dollars, as an annual taxicab driver's license and such license shall be valid for one year after issuance, unless such license shall be revoked pursuant to the sections of this chapter.  (Ord. 10-2018, 2018; Ord. 27-2013 § 1, 2013; Prior code § 29-19)