5.12.140 Permit--Application required.
     Any person desiring to operate a taxicab or taxicab service upon or along any of the streets, avenues or highways of the city shall before undertaking so to do file a signed application in writing for a permit that is duly sworn to by the applicant with the clerk-treasurer, which application shall show the following:
   A.   The name and address of the person desiring the permit. If a partnership or corporation, the full name and address of each of the partners or shareholders, respectively:
   B.   The place of residence and principal place of business of the applicant;
   C.   The age and experience in automobile operation and the residence of each of the proposed drivers of such taxicab;
   D.   The make, model, factory number and state license number of the motor vehicle to be driven as a taxicab;
   E.   The location and address of the garage where such taxicabs shall be kept;
   F.   The location and address of the office of such person, firm or corporation;
   G.   Proof of insurance as required by Section 5.12.090:
   H.   Proof of a valid Indiana chauffeur's license held by each of the proposed drivers of such taxicabs. (Ord. 10-2018, 2018; Ord.  27-2013 § 1, 2013; Prior code § 29-14)