6.12.050  Community cat program.
   A.   A community cat program is established in order to encourage the stabilization of the free-roaming cat population in the city by utilizing a trap, neuter, and return methodology.
   B.   A person may trap any free-roaming cat in a humane manner, utilizing a live release trap that does not injure the animal, in order to have the free-roaming cat evaluated, surgically sterilized, ear-tipped, and vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian and released to the vicinity from where it was trapped or released to a community cat caretaker.
   C.   A community cat, impounded by the Animal Care Services Department, shall be returned to the vicinity from where it was trapped unless the circumstances present a detriment to the cat or to the public health or welfare.
   D.   It shall be unlawful for a person to provide food, water or shelter to a free-roaming cat for a period of more than sixty days unless in compliance with this code. The Animal Care Services Department may impound free roaming cats that are found to be in violation.  (Ord. 48-2019, 2019; Ord. 32-2019 § 1, 2019)