The word "fence" means any structure composed of wood, iron, steel, shrubbery, hedges or other material erected in such a manner and position as to enclose or partially enclose all or any part of any premises. Trellises or other structures supporting or for the purpose of supporting vines, flowers, or other vegetation when erected in such a position as to enclose all or any part of any premises shall be included within the definition of the word "fence". Structures erected in close proximity to lot lines, which have solely an ornamental purpose and which do not in fact serve the purpose of enclosing or partially enclosing premises or of separating premises from adjoining premises, shall not be included within the definition of the word "fence".
   (a)    "Privacy fence" means a fence made to inhibit public view and provide seclusion and closed to light or air.
      (1)    "Basket weave or woven fence": a fence made of interwoven strips or slats of flexible or semi-flexible materials in which the pattern has the appearance of a plaited basket.
      (2)    "Louver or ventilating fence": a fence made of a series of slats placed at an angle or point so as to provide air to deflect light perpendicular to its vertical plane.
   (b)    "Open ornamental fence" means a fence usually made of wood constructed for its beauty or decorative effect and open to light and air. Permitted open ornamental fences are:
      (1)    "Rail or split-rail fence": a fence constructed of narrow, whole or split, wooden timbers placed horizontally between upright supporting posts.
      (2)    "Picket fence": an open fence usually made of upright pales of slats.
   (c)    "Chain link fence" means a fence made of metal consisting of loops or wire interconnected in a series of jointed links.
   (d)    "Barbed wire fence" means a fence made with metal wire having sharp points or barbs along its length.
   (e)    "Stockade (palisade) fence" means a fence constructed with a row of large pointed stakes placed upright against each other.
      (Ord. 2020-01. Passed 3-9-20.)