(A)   No person shall permit or suffer to be in or accumulate in or upon any yard, lot, place or premises, upon any street or sidewalk adjacent to or abutting upon any lot, block, place or premises or in any building or shed owned or occupied by that person within the City limits any stagnant water or impure water, refuse, vegetable decay or decaying substance, garbage or filth of any kind, nor suffer the yard, lot, place, building or premises to be or to remain in such condition as to cause or create a nuisance or offensive smell or to pollute or render unhealthful the atmosphere or the premises or thereby to be, become, cause or create a public nuisance.
(‘63 Code, § 8-6-1)
   (B)   Any person as described in division (A) of this section, shall clean up the premises and abate the nuisance within 48 hours after having received notice of the condition from a Police Officer or Community Service Technician.
(‘63 Code, § 8-6-2)  (Ord. 93-32, passed 8-16-93)
(Am. Ord. 09-12, passed 4-20-09)  Penalty, see § 92.99