§ 92.09  ABATEMENT.
   (A)   If the person on whom notice to abate a nuisance was served pursuant to the provisions of this subchapter fails to abate the nuisance, the Chief of Police, or designee or other duly designated officer of the City, shall proceed to abate such nuisance and shall prepare a statement of costs incurred in the abatement thereof to the City Council.  Thereafter, the costs of abatement, including the cost of providing notice thereof shall be added to the property tax as a special assessment or shall be filed with the Register of Deeds as a lien against the property as provided by law.  In addition, the Chief of Police, or designee, may seek the remedy of enforcement and prosecution as provided for in this subchapter.  Each day the property remains in violation of this subchapter shall be deemed a separate offense and multiple offenses may be charged in the same complaint.
   (B)   The abatement of a nuisance under the direction of the Chief of Police shall not be a defense or excuse to the owner, occupant, or agent of property for not conforming with this subchapter.
   (C)   The procedure provided by this section is not exclusive, but is in addition to procedures provided by other ordinances; and the Building Inspector, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Police Officer or Community Service Technician, may proceed summarily and without following the procedure set forth in this section, to abate a health, safety, or other condition that constitutes, in the opinion of a Police Officer, Community Service Technician or Building Inspector, an immediate and grave hazard to public health and safety requiring immediate action.
(Ord. 01-24, passed 4-2-01; Am. Ord. 09-12, passed 4-20-09)  Penalty, see § 92.99