§ 8.701 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this article is to implement regulations that will aid the city in limiting and reducing the inflow of rainwater (or clear water) into the sanitary sewer system. The article will be utilized to minimize the overflow problem resulting from the lack of capacity of the sanitary sewer system to handle large amounts of rainwater. Other sources of inflow and infiltration are discharges of water from rooftops; surface water, groundwater sump pumps, footing tiles, swimming pools, or other natural precipitation sources that may flow into the city sewer system and potentially cause flooding or overloading of the city’s sewage system. When clear water is discharged into the sanitary sewer system it is treated at the sewage treatment plant. This results in added expenses for the city. The City of Columbia Heights, therefore, finds it in the best interest of the city to prohibit such discharges into the sanitary sewer system in order to protect and maintain the health and property of its residents.
(Ord. 1472, passed 7-12-04; Am. Ord. 1674, passed 4-25-22)