(A)   Items designated for recycling shall be listed in the SWMOP to be part of an authorized recycling program, and contamination will be dealt with according to that policy.
   (B)   The city shall be responsible for collection of recyclable materials from containers at residential properties in the city. Additional authorized recyclable materials will be collected outside of the container when bagged or boxed that meets service provider specified procedures.
   (C)   City of Columbia Heights Recycling Center. The city may, at the city's option, add or remove recyclable items collected at the recycling center or discontinue the program entirely as determined by the SWMOP. The recycling center may be utilized by area businesses and residents. Rimless tires may be delivered only by Columbia Heights residents for non-commercial purposes. Further, rimless tires are limited to four car or light truck tires per resident each year.
(Ord. 1646, passed 2-26-18)