(A)   Collection required. Every residential premise shall use the collection service for MSW, recyclables, SSOM and yard waste, as is made available by contract between the city and its designated service provider and which complies with the SWMOP of the city.
   (B)   Unlawful accumulation. No person shall allow MSW, recyclables, problem materials, SSOM, yard waste, hazardous waste or any other waste to accumulate upon property owned or occupied by any such person; or fail to dispose thereof in a manner meeting the provisions of this article and Chapters 5A and 8 of this code.
   (C)   Burning or burying prohibited. No person shall burn or bury any MSW, recyclables or other waste materials within the city.
   (D)   Hazardous waste. No person shall place hazardous waste in garbage, recycling or yard waste containers. Hazardous waste shall only be processed/disposed of in accordance with city, county, state and federal rules and requirements.
   (E)   Ownership of solid waste. MSW, recyclables, problem materials, SSOM or yard waste shall be owned by and be the responsibility of the occupants of the premises until collection by the designated service provider. Upon collection of the solid waste by the designated service provider, the solid waste becomes the property and responsibility of the service provider. All solid waste shall be transported to, weighed in at, and disposed of at a solid waste facility that is approved by the city.
      (1)   Collection of solid waste. The service provider shall collect solid waste at designated collection points as permitted by § 8.301(E). All collection services shall be conducted Monday through Friday. When holidays fall on a weekday, collection shall be made within the next calendar day which is not a Sunday.
      (2)   Clean and safe collection. It shall be the duty of the service provider and every subcontractor and person, including their agents and employees, who is licensed to remove any solid waste or any other waste material or who is engaged in the removal, loading or unloading of any such substance in the city to do so efficiently, in a clean manner and with as little danger and prejudice to life and health as possible.
      (3)   Transport of solid waste. All persons engaged in the collection of solid waste in the city shall transport the materials in enclosed vehicles, carts, dumpsters, bins, or other secure containers so as to prevent any loss of these materials and to prevent litter. Care shall be taken to ensure no blowing or escape of trash, litter, yard waste or liquids from truck operations occurs during collection.
      (4)   Hours of collection of solid waste. No collection of residential MSW, recyclables, problem materials, SSOM or yard waste shall be made except between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
   (F)   Walk-up service. Residents who are elderly or physically disabled and are unable to place their containers at the designated location may request "walk-up" service from the provider, whereby the hauler will service those containers from the house access that is nearest the designated collection point.
   (G)   Collection point. The location for collection of refuse containers as determined in SWMOP must be cleared of obstructions and hazards such as snow and ice for the scheduled collection to occur.
   (H)   Separation of recyclables. Occupants of all premises shall separate recyclables for pick-up. All separated recyclables must be transported to a licensed recycling facility or delivered to an end market for sale or reuse, or brought to an intermediate collection center for later delivery to a licensed processing center or end market for recycling. It is unlawful for any person to transport for disposal or to dispose of designated recyclables in a MSW disposal facility. No separated recyclables may be incinerated, landfilled, composted, or made into fuel pellets.
   (I)   Scavenging prohibited. No person shall scavenge or otherwise collect MSW, recyclables, problem materials, SSOM or yard wastes from containers or from public or private property unless licensed therefore by the city, or unless permission of the owner of any such materials has been given.
   (J)   Service provider limits. The city will review other service providers and prices at the end of each contract term or following contract extension.
(Ord. 1646, passed 2-26-18)