§ 4.701 INTENT.
   (A)   It is the intent of the City Council to establish a system for the orderly and regular collection of garbage, recyclables, problem materials, source separated organic materials and yard wastes in the city; to insure that the disposal of the materials shall be accomplished in a sanitary manner; to ensure the protection of public health and safety and promote city cleanliness and livability; to minimize vehicle wear and tear on streets due to large truck traffic; to provide high quality solid waste and recycling services in the most cost-effective manner possible; and, to be consistent with the requirements of the state statutes, state rules and Anoka County ordinances, and with state and Anoka County solid waste plans.
   (B)   The City Manager or their designee shall have the authority to develop Solid Waste Management Operating Policy (SWMOP) concerning days of collection, use, type and location of waste containers and other matters as they deem necessary to provide for the safe, orderly and cost-efficient preparation, storage, collection and disposal of all waste materials covered in this ordinance. These Operating Policies shall not be contrary to this article. The City Council will approve the SWMOP and approve changes as required.
(Ord. 1646, passed 2-26-18)