(A)   (1)   Each applicant shall pay a permit fee in accordance with the schedule set forth below (all permits are for a consecutive period of time and are valid only between January 1 and December 31 of each applicable year):
         (a)   Annual permit   $500
         (b)   Six-month permit   $300
         (c)   One-month permit   $100
         (d)   Weekly permit   $75
         (e)   Daily permit   $25
      (2)   In the event an applicant wishes to obtain an annual permit after already obtaining a daily permit or multiple day permit, the daily or multiple day permit fees already paid shall be credited toward the annual permit fee. No deductions shall be allowed from the fee for a permit issued pursuant to this chapter for any part of the term of which the permit does not engage in transacting business.
   (B)   The following listed organizations and/or entities while required to obtain a permit under this chapter are exempt from having to pay fees, so long as the proceeds thereof are to be used exclusively for religious, charitable, educational or scientific purposes:
      (1)   Churches;
      (2)   Schools;
      (3)   IRS 501c3 organizations;
      (4)   Fraternal organizations;
      (5)   Other similarly situated organizations; and
      (6)   Ventures and/or events approved from time to time by the Board of Public Works and Safety.
   (C)   Pursuant to I.C. 25-25-2-1, while all honorably discharged veterans are required to obtain a permit under this chapter they are exempt from having to pay any fees.
(Ord. 2019-2, passed 5-28-2019)